Check out this interactive map of Grand Rapids and discover all downtown has to offer!

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Here's What You Need To Know

Here's What You Need To Know

The State of Our Downtown After Party is a free concert celebrating another big year of city building in Downtown Grand Rapids. Join us at the Pyramid Scheme.

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Additional Initiatives


Events in Downtown GR

  1. Lunchtime Yoga at Mangiamo | Every Tues/Thurs

    The B.O.B.

  2. Yoga at Bartertown Diner

    Bartertown Diner

  3. Membership Exchange with the Grand Rapids Children's Museum: JUNE, 2016

    Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts

  4. CAMP workshop: Collaboration, Art, Mobility and Place with resident artists CB Bryan and Kacie Erin Smith

    Have Company

  5. KYLE Dunnigan @The Pyramid Scheme | Wed. 6/1

    Pyramid Scheme

  6. GRLive

    The B.O.B.

  7. Relax at Rosa - Kari Lynch

    Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.

  8. Happy Hour Libation Lecture: Our Brewing Co., Experimenting With Your Beer Recipe

    Downtown Market

  9. 105 Days of Summer

    The B.O.B.

  10. CHRIS DUPONT // Olivia Mainville and the Aquatic Troupe // Frances Luke Accord // Alex Culbreth at The Pyramid Scheme | Thurs. 6/2

    Pyramid Scheme

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